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Okinawa Montessori School International


Tel:   (81)98-936-6044  (81)90-8911-6044
Fax:  (81)98-936-6099

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Directions to Okinawa Montessori School International (OMSI)

From Kadena Gate 1, head south on 58. Immediately, get in the far right lane and turn right at the very first light (US Auto and Family Mart are on the corner).


Take a left turn at the second stop light. Once you've turned, a large colorful Japanese school will be on your left.

Just past the Japanese school, the road will fork. Take the right fork and then take an immediate left turn (small road). OMSI will be about three buildings down on the right.


From Camp Foster, head north on 58. At the Camp Lester stop light (Starbucks on the corner), turn left.


Turn right at the first light. Go through three stop lights. You will pass JUSCO, the Ferris Wheel, and Hamagawa Lodge. You will then pass the Pink Panther Apartments on your right (yes they are pink!).


Begin to slow down. As you pass the Rainbow House III Apartments on your right (they are yellow), you will make the very next left turn.


There will be a small road on your right with two vending machines on the corner. Take a right turn on that road. You will pass a small park on your right and OMSI will be just ahead on your left.


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